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Almost everyone has doubts or negative thoughts about what they’re trying to achieve - and teenagers may be at the top of that list!  So, your teen, even all of us – need strategies to overcome those doubts and hesitations.

I heard a high performing athlete and former Navy SEAL pounding on the concept of Prisoner of the Mind –that a huge number of our impediments are in our mind, such as:

·       “…I can’t”

·       “I’m not smart enough”

·       “I don’t know how” - - - “I don’t know where to find out or learn”

·       “it can’t be done”


·       “I’ve got too much to do – I can’t keep up”

Here’s how to deal with negativity in one’s brain:

If it’s a conscious thought, ask:

·       What evidence tells you that?

·       Do you accept that evidence?

·       The big question: how and when will you overcome it?

·       And even if it’s valid or true – will you allow it to stop you?  THAT’S NEGATIVE THINKING.

As a former school psychologist, administering MANY intelligence tests, I found that intelligence is the SPEED at which one learns, NOT IF they can learn

RESEARCH evidence tells us that everything we’ve ever learned or experienced is still in our brain.

We are all living out the “script” in our mind – so to change “the output” we need to change “the input”

The best available tools are Affirmations and Visualizations.  BOTH need to be used and repeated many times each day.

Latest research tells us that it takes 66 days or more - to change a habit.

A [negative] mindset is an attitude – an attitude is a habit of thought

And realize and accept – this will probably be an everyday struggle – keep that Visualization Board easily viewable, viewed often and updated from time to time!

An affirmation is an “I” statement in the PRESENT tense – as if you were already in possession of it - of something you want to do, achieve or become.

A Visualization is a visual Affirmation.

These should ALWAYS BE IN THE POSITIVE.  The unconscious mind – which drives and controls our behaviors and choices – CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE between positive and negative.  So, if you word your affirmation as a negative, you will be DRAWN to the negative!!

There are two kinds of visualizations: (1) the end result, and (2) your needed actions to achieve that result.


SAMPLE AFFIRMATIONSuse or adapt to your preferences and of course, develop your own

Affirmations, to be effective, must be repeated numerous times throughout the dayRemember – they are overwriting the script that’s been in their head for a long time!

One good tool is to write them on a 3x5 index card - fold it twice and put it in your pocket.

Putting them on your Visualization Board is another good strategy, or on the visor of your car.

You can chop these up any way you’d like – THEY’RE YOURS!

·       I am a strong, powerful, intelligent, high-achieving success machine!

·       I am energized, healthful, goal-directed, well-focused - each day, every day!

·       I have great energy.

·       I am FOCUSED – minute by minute, hour by hour.

·       I eat healthy foods in reasonable quantities.

·       I am successful and highly effective.

·       I make friends easily.  I have many great friends.

·       I am well-disciplined each day, every day.

·       I complete what I plan to do, each day, every day

·       I plan thoughtfully, allowing and enabling myself to complete what I’d want, to advance my success goals

·       ___________________________



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