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One of the main areas of focus in business, executive and even personal coaching currently is the issue of finding your WHY.  That is, understanding your life’s purpose – WHY you’re here, on this planet, this life, this world.  That might seem too lofty or unnecessary or over-intellectualizing, but – it’s a worthwhile objective for most adults.


However, while that focus on knowing your WHY is important, it may be too premature for most high schoolers.  It does provide an excellent interim step to get them moving and thinking toward dreams and success and all its related elements toward life success.


In working with teens, we’ve found that helping them, guiding them, leading them to identify a dream goal that they can pursue now has value. [yes, like most all goals, it can be changed, deleted or replaced] Until high school, for the most part, they have been TOLD what to do, where to go, etc. – by parents, teachers, coaches, et al. But beginning to pursue “something of their own” on a daily basis, exercises and strengthens a number of valuable traits. It helps them to become more motivated, more focused, more driven and more success oriented. [we’ve also found that pursuing their own dream goal improves self-esteem and even family relationships AND academic performance!]


We also find that life and career dreaming is often quite foreign to their thinking and mindset.  And yet, it can plant some valuable fertilizing seeds toward their thinking, future and even today's life and world.


If you’re interested, we have a couple simple tools you can use to begin to guide this process.

If we can be of help in this or any teenager issues, please message us here or CoachSteve@Launch-Your-Life.com 

Success to you and your teen!!


A FINAL NOTE: ALL WE HAVE IN LIFE IS HOPE - and this is your teen’s starting point!

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