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Of course here are no rules and regs of parenting      [should there be?]

But there are some very important elements every parent needs to understand and hopefully succeed at!

No matter how you look at it, it all starts at home!

·         prejudice,

·         bigotry,

·         defeatism,

·         pursuit of excellence,

·         caring for others,

·         honesty,

·         conviviality,

·         overcoming defeat and failure,

·         learning from failures

 Be assured – pretty much every case of bigotry, prejudice and hate – whether ethnic, religious, even the handicapped - was learned or encouraged at home.

By the exact same token, the pursuit of excellence is learned in the HOME in two ways:

(1) kids will model their parents’ behaviors in their approach to life and work, and

(2) positive comments heard by your child for any effort that’s not perfect - any good effort should be reinforced and complimented AT HOME.

I’m sure you can add other elements to the list above – just please be clear in explaining why they’re important and how to live them or apply them.

And please don’t be negative in your comments – every degrading comment undermines self-esteem and success – and hence, their life!

Be very careful with the ‘yeah, but’s’ – which are really negatives partially disguised.  Strive for ‘yes, and…’  [notice the more positive difference?]

And I pray you’re not one of those who believes – “they’ll just pick it up – no need to teach it.”

PLEASE DO – teach it! 

Yes – you have awesome responsibilities as a parent of a teen.  Hope this gives you worthy insight toward helping them in ‘approaching greatness.’  

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