Thursday, June 11, 2020


Henry David Thoreau said “most men [people] lead lives of quiet desperation”
Hopefully, that does NOT describe you nor your family.  However, it SHOULD make us think - - -
WHY BE AVERAGE? was a popular expression a few years ago,
AVERAGE SUCKS!! is now a book and a t-shirt.
Everyone wants to be ‘the best’ or ‘top of their class’ or ‘better than the next guy – or gal’ – but most people WILL BE average – just by definition – [84% of the population is ‘normal’ or average.]
No one wants to be average… but there is a way out!!
There IS a way to get past ‘just average’, to stretch beyond! 
One of the best questions you can ask your teenager is ‘what will you do today that you’ll be proud of?” 
Yes, the first time you ask, you’ll get a weird reaction – like “what book about me are you reading now, Mom?” And that’s OK. 
But by asking that question, maybe a day or two later, and then periodically from time to time, you will have planted the seed for your teen to think about pride of performance and achievement.  
And as in any growth opportunity, nurturing it with positive comments will help it grow – and probably enhance your relationship with that teen!
By accumulating a long series of “days I’m proud of” – be assured your teen will excel, surpass their peers and achieve excellence – and along the way, build that most powerful driver of human performance: POSITIVE SELF-ESTEEM!!
Try it and see – and report back and tell us how you did!

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