Thursday, June 18, 2020


BUT NEED TO!!!  - - - -
The teenage years evoke a LONG, often scary list of issues – which FAR too many parents want to hide from – but we have a solution.

What many parents will see or experience from their teenager:
·         Lack or loss of focus
·         Weak self-discipline
·         Low motivation
·         Just don’t care
·         Belligerence, sarcasm, unpleasantness
·         Drug or alcohol use, abuse, even addiction
·         Suicide – talking about, threatening to, or carrying it out

As in all human behavior, there are no absolute answers, no cure-alls!!

HOWEVER, we have found that our process in success-coaching teenagers CAN have a strong, strengthening effect on each of the issues listed above. 

Here’s how: we ask our students to (o) brainstorm and list everything they ever want to achieve, possess or become in life.  (o) Then, they are guided to filter those dreams down to shorter range goals and actions, (o) then develop a plan – and (o) begin pursuing their dreams!!

KEY POINT: when anyone begins to focus on their own dreams and goals, their “need” for unpleasantness, drug or alcohol use or addiction, and even suicide – diminishes or lessens a great deal.

Further, their focus, self-discipline, motivation and “Just don’t care” attitude improves GREATLY!!

Again, this is not a cure-all – but it’s one more tool to help them help themselves.

While we don't yet have data to support this expectation, we know that every student with whom we have worked increased their own motivation and academic focus and school success without our ever mentioning that!  Essentially, we are guiding them toward igniting their own self-motivation and achievement drive!!

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