Tuesday, April 14, 2020


[usually, I try to suggest parenting strategies toward teens – this one is a family strategy] 

We hear that people are becoming more and more stressed – as they are ‘locked in’ at home.
I have been in the business and success coaching field for a L-O-N-G time [I’m now adapted to success coaching for teens] – and I can tell you ABSOLUTELY that the best ‘immediate’ strategy I know: when ANYONE is feeling overwhelmed à MAKE a LIST!!  Then, with the top priorities, MAKE a PLAN.

Even if the plan isn’t finished, the fact that you have one gives you an almost instant feeling of having re-established CONTROL.  That list could be anything – even complaints and negatives!  Getting them down on paper provides an instantly clearer idea of the issues – which almost always turn out to be far fewer than you thought – and allow you to begin to work through them easily and quickly.  If you think this only applies to business, you are absolutely wrong.  It works FOR LIFE.  And if you’re here for teenagers – works perfectly for them, TOO!

Questions you might ask, Lists you might start – yourself or your family: [probably choose just ONE]

  • ·         List everything I’m doing that annoys you
  • ·         [then, I will] list everything YOU do that annoys me
  • ·         List all the reasons curfews don’t work
  • ·         List all the reasons your hounding me about studying or grades or school doesn’t work  
  • ·         List all the reasons I shouldn’t have to help clean the house
  • ·         [then] – all the reasons I SHOULD help clean the house
  • ·         List all the reasons that what you do annoys me no end!!!
  • ·         List all the THINGS I WANT [you – each family member]

THE NEXT STEP is to begin creating a plan to address each issue.  AT THE SAME TIME, just deciding (a) which one(s) to work on, and (b) who will decide what steps or actions we’ll follow – will be interesting!

BE SURE to go into this with a sense of humor and willingness to adapt and LAUGH and CHANGE!!

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