Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Purpose of [Our] Lives

We believe that the essence of ALL human lives is to be of service to others… whether nurse, first responder, truck driver, teacher, cashier, cook, waitperson – we are all there to support and be of service to each other.

That’s why LAUNCH-YOUR-LIFE exists: to be of service – to teenagers and their parents – as they evolve and strive through those often-explosive, often troubled teen years.

We don’t ‘know it all’ – but we have many years of experience in guiding and coaching success and teenagers.

ANY TIME we can help YOU – whether your teen is troubled, unmotivated, unfocused –or already pretty darned good!! – We can help and elevate – since all of us are striving to get to “that next level” in our own lives.

Please be in touch: CoachSteve@Launch-Your-Life.com or Launch-Your-Life.com

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