Tuesday, March 3, 2020


1.      Success is intricately intertwined with happiness
2.      Pursuing happiness by pursuing SUCCESS works best
3.      As others have said – EVERY TEEN has some great talent
4.      EVERY teen has MUCH untapped capacity and talent
5.      Conditioning works CONSTANTLY – be conscious and aware of what YOU are conditioning
6.      All kids/ teens are fundamentally GOOD!
7.      Our role is to find and/or build that goodness.
8.      Negativity only breeds negativity – reflect on that, please
9.      It’s up to all of US – to build, strengthen, educate AND continually support teenager’s success and happiness – EVERY SINGLE DAY.
10. We never quit – WILL YOU?

Related/ Supporting

  • Our only goal is building success into teenagers
  • Success is NOT monetary nor materialistic
  • We’ve been misled – or misled ourselves – that “everything will be OK – schools or society will take care of everything.”  - NOT TRUE!!!
  •  If a teen isn't GOOD, they were conditioned to that – WE MUST search for the cause
  • Failure [?] – only means they haven’t arrived yet 
  • We live, pursue and activate these tenets with every element of Launch-Your-Life 

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