Tuesday, March 31, 2020


What if you could effortlessly focus your teenager on their own future and well-being, AND take advantage of this pandemic time gap forced on you??

During these seemingly LONG times - - - why not turn them into huge growth opportunities?  Take advantage of this time to build, strengthen and accelerate your teenager’s future success – and decrease your own stress – FOR FREE!!

In our teen success coaching program, we start our students on their own Master Dream List.   We’ve found that when students (1) begin to identify and then (2) work on and toward their OWN dreams, their focus, motivation, self-discipline – and even happiness – INCREASES!!

And now, you can have that Master Dream List FOR FREE – with our compliments – no charge – to help build and energize your teenager’s life!

Clearly, this is only a starting point – but it’s a meaningful and powerful one – which a huge percentage of teenagers DON’T HAVE!!

Simply email us at CoachSteve@Launch-Your-Life.com and we will immediately forward the List and instructions to you!       

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