Monday, March 16, 2020


We have seen so many unimaginable events in our lifetime: attack on our shores from afar [Sept 11], extreme security precautions – seeming constant fear of terrorism everywhere,   massive weather-caused devastation - tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, – and now, a world pandemic. UNBELIEVABLE!!  - I mean, beyond anything we could even imagine!

And yet, despite all that, our kids, our teens, continue to evolve toward becoming an adult.  [we can’t stop them!]  

And here’s the issue: as you well know, YOU are their predominant role model.  You always have been, you always will be.

So how YOU react to the coronavirus pandemic is IMPORTANT!!

Two things to keep in mind

·        How you react [how they see you react] 

·        What can we LEARN from this?  

1.     How you react [how they see you react]
·                 Extreme?
·                 Frustration? 
·                 Pointing blame?
·                 No clue what to do?
·                Blame gov’t,
·               It’s someone else’s fault,
·              “why don’t ‘they’ do something,”  
·               __________ [fill in your own_].

2.     What can we LEARN from this?  
It’s not my intent to suggest what that might be – that’s your turf, your area.  But if your kids are the future, encouraging them to THINK, wonder, discuss, brainstorm, - will be very important – for them – now, next year, next decade, etc.
Probably equally as valuable: DISCUSS it w/ them: how you feel, how you react, how THEY feel, what you say to others, what you don’t or won’t say to others…

Again, your teen will model you in the future…!!

Soldier on, valiant, unflappable, indomitable parent!!!

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