Tuesday, March 31, 2020


What if you could effortlessly focus your teenager on their own future and well-being, AND take advantage of this pandemic time gap forced on you??

During these seemingly LONG times - - - why not turn them into huge growth opportunities?  Take advantage of this time to build, strengthen and accelerate your teenager’s future success – and decrease your own stress – FOR FREE!!

In our teen success coaching program, we start our students on their own Master Dream List.   We’ve found that when students (1) begin to identify and then (2) work on and toward their OWN dreams, their focus, motivation, self-discipline – and even happiness – INCREASES!!

And now, you can have that Master Dream List FOR FREE – with our compliments – no charge – to help build and energize your teenager’s life!

Clearly, this is only a starting point – but it’s a meaningful and powerful one – which a huge percentage of teenagers DON’T HAVE!!

Simply email us at CoachSteve@Launch-Your-Life.com and we will immediately forward the List and instructions to you!       

Monday, March 23, 2020

DEAR(est) PARENTS - - - (!?)

You are probably now in the midst of the toughest, weirdest, most problematic time of your and your teenagers life!
Here's a strategy to occupy and build your teen’s future during these challenging or possibly boring days – to STRENGTHEN your teen’s future!!

The two most crucial life traits your teen SHOULD possess are Resilience and Resourcefulness.
Take advantage of this OPPORTUNE time [yes, it is!] to build on their existing resourcefulness by encouraging their creativity!!!

That creativity will be their ticket to great success in life!!! 
Any employer, any business owner or manager is ALWAYS looking for people with new and different ways to do anything at/ on their job or business. If your teen has that capacity, that will lead to raises and promotions.

Getting your student redirected and focused on something more positive and constructive [NOW!] can only be a good thing for your time together as well as their thinking skills.

Use this possible array of questions and any others you like to guide, enhance and evoke their thinking: 
 ·     What do you think really created this pandemic?
·       What could have been done to prevent it?
·       What should we do to prevent its ever occurring again?
·       What inventions do we need, to prevent the future need for
o   social distancing and sheltering in place and
o   cancelling school and
·        creating, finding, optimizing alternative learning modes?
·         What other or different changes to society or school – or anything – do you think we need?

Then, use second- and even third-level follow-up questions leading to exploration and wondering, even pilot-testing their ideas and replies.   

Always have "Why...?" as your fallback or further question: "I wonder WHY that didn't work" - or "I wonder WHY that will work?" - or "HOW we can make sure that works [or sells, on Shark Tank]?" – “What if this approach fails – HOW ELSE might we overcome it?”

It is TRULY these 2nd and 3rd level questions which will lead to ‘the gold’ – much like 10,000 attempts by Thomas Edison, to find a light bulb filament that worked!

Accept almost anything they say, even rejection and hostility. Allow that, [remain calm] and ask a follow-up question such as... “Tell me more – I’m not sure I follow that yet…”

The goal is Resilience and Resourcefulness – to build a winning and successful teen AND ADULT!!

Soldier on, powerful and nurturing parent!! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2020


This nationwide ‘shutdown’ has some pretty wide-ranging impact on families!! 
One thought you might consider: much like a corporate retreat, why not take this time to ‘step back’- survey the horizon of your family, ask their input – REGARDLESS of age.  I LOVE the idea of asking a 2-year-old these questions. You will probably get some great laughs AND some wonderful insights.

Be sincere and as basic as needed – but draw out their thoughts of ‘How are we doing as a family and as your parent?’   And LISTEN!
PREDICTABLY, some will think you’re wacky, or you’re ‘up to something.’  Weather the storm, assure them of your sincerity – and maybe ask some leading questions –

  • maybe about meals or
  • bedtime or
  • school or
  • [my favorite] – ‘how could I do better as your parent?’ 
  • and, if you haven’t said it before – how much you love them but “boy, this parenting is hard work – “I get so tired” – and pause – and wait for their reply

 Let them say anything – and listen. I GUARANTEE you will learn things you’d never expected.

Some of your kids – maybe even your partner – will think this is a silly waste of time.  [IT’S NOT].  I sit here and ponder what any downsides of a family retreat might be – I can’t see any.  Even if it erupts with anger, that’s mostly venting – which you may or may not have heard before – but again – great information!!

You may want to open with some ground rules – like – “no personal attacks,” or – “If you leave the room in anger, you must come back w/in 5 minutes”  and others you might consider.  

BTW, remind yourself that any parent who is unwilling to acknowledge to their kids that they may have made a mistake is a setup for failure. Be willing and open to that but mostly be willing and open to improve as one-on-one parents and as a family unit.

Maybe this is one outgrowth of this pandemic that will be a positive!  Who knows?
Go for it, valiant parent!