Friday, October 4, 2019


"We really focused on working together because we know that we don't have the size we did last year."  These are quotes from a high school athlete and team leader. These are the lessons of high school sports – worth learning, practicing and applying THROUGHOUT life.

Get your teen involved, if s/he fits or desires. Of course you can’t force your teen into something they dislike or disdain – but encourage or influence your teen – or find another/ different option or opportunity to learn these life skills – beyond the classroom.

I was on football and track teams – and still have recollections and friendships from those days – and the only things we remember were the good things!

One other excellent option is theater.

With total respect for other school activities, these two develop life-long skills and traits – while most others don’t.

Both sports and theater require try-outs, possible rejection, not being ‘the star,’ learning to be a supporting character or role, persevering, advancing/ growing into a larger, more important role – most of which are simply not available to be learned in the classroom.

Are there harsh, even unwanted, unfair lessons they might learn?  Unfair coaches, policies, etc.  Yes – but that also is a life lesson, leading to the need to build RESILIENCE – rebounding from and overcoming even unfair defeats.

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