Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Most all of us have an achievement hurdle. And be assured, your teenager, [probably!] as well.  Could be a learning or reading disability, avoidance, denial, negativity, introversion, depression, anger, lost motivation, fighting self-discipline, emotional or psychological impediments, procrastination or avoiding challenges, ADHD or something no one is even aware of.

For many, there is probably no cure or fix.  However, experience has shown - one of the most powerful strengthening tools in disarming or diminishing those issues – even drugs, alcohol and even suicide - is MOTIVATION.

I instantly hear disagreement – I understand - - but I didn’t say ‘cure.’  For the hurdles I listed, there are virtually no ‘cures’ – only helping strategies.  This is one of the best.

How frequently do we see stories of stars, champions, leaders in so many fields:  entertainment, sports, business, government leadership and politics – how often they’ve overcome impediments from the list above – with only one tool: MOTIVATION!!

Let’s not be deluded – motivation won’t cure those issues – but it will strengthen and ignite your teen’s inner drive to overpower those limitations and achieve far more of their true capacity!!

One valuable lesson learned from Carol Dweck’s book MINDSET is the concept of “NOT YET.”  If we accept the old paradigm of ‘HE JUST CAN’T…’ that’s the Closed mindset – now research-documented to be ONLY A MINDSET, NOT A FACT!!!!!  If, after a failure, we replace ‘failure’ with – NOT YET the whole equation changes.

Just FYI - most ADHD teens with whom I’ve worked became aware that they will have to develop and build coping mechanisms to succeed at life and THEY ARE DOING SO!

So the question becomes where does that motivation come from?

We’ll discuss that in our next posting – planned for tomorrow.  STAY TUNED…

In the meantime, if you have other issues or questions or challenges with your teen, please message me –and we‘ll discuss! CoachSteve@Launch-Your-Life.com

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