Tuesday, October 8, 2019


NO ONE I know LIKES DISCIPLINE – and yet, it’s acknowledged as one of the most crucial, core elements of ALL success – whether it’s basketball, gymnastics [love that Simone Biles? Imagine the hours she’s spent in the gym practicing over and over and over.!] – or business and professional.

In business and in sales – the best performers and achievers spend many hours thinking, prepping and practicing/ rehearsing. I had a surgery a few years ago – I asked the dr. how many times he’d done this kind… he replied “about 800” That gave me even greater confidence and trust!

We all look up to champions – admire them – but when it comes to putting in the time and the repetitions in our chosen field, 92% of people drop out.

One of the most powerful traits you can build into your teen is the habit of self-discipline!! But then, you – and they – will soon and quickly hit the BOREDOM problem. Doing a million sit-ups just gets boring!! It’s been said that it takes 10,000 repetitions to master anything. NOT TRUE – although it’s probably close. The source who came up with this concept explains that it came from a less scientific and precise measurement. So 10,000 reps is not gospel – but you get the idea!

Want to know how to overcome the boredom factor and make discipline and repetition MORE ENJOYABLE and ENTERTAINING?


1. Visualize 2 things: (1) the end result benefit fulfilled; (2) performing the repetitions WITH A SMILE!

2. Remind yourself of the benefit gained through this discipline [also gets boring after the 15th time]

3. Refrigerator chart, tracking daily performance [even/ also good for parents!!]

4. A supportive partner [NOT a critical one]

5. Identify and focus on “Finer, finer levels of detail” - drawn from the work of FLOW, the Psychology of Optimal Experience
• getting a little bit better – measurably(!) each time
• – each set or each day or each week, etc.
• – gives the user something to target and go after,
• Engages his/her mindset more actively

And if they fall short, such as (o) only 8 of 10 reps or (o) 20 of 30 minutes homework or studying or similar, give them positive credit – don’t criticize. THEY KNOW when they fell short – you should emphasize the positive!
And if you’d like to know more about our teen success coaching programs to build improved discipline and other success traits, applicable for ALL teens, regardless of current level of achieving – or not – contact us at CoachSteve@Launch-Your-Life.com 

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