Tuesday, May 7, 2019

I hate coconut!

This year, I had a major revelation: after believing for 30+ years that I dislike coconut, I tried some – and discovered – it’s OK!! 

My point? For an encyclopedia of reasons, we make decisions based on what was then fact, or maybe mis-perception – or lousy cooking.  I had a familial grandmother who made something one Christmas that was horrible!  The rest of the world loved it – but not me.  After much urging, years later, I tried SOMEONE ELSE’S – it was delicious!

Again, my point? I see so much verbiage these days about teens “finding their thing!” – and “Mom, what if I don’t find my thing?”  They’re actually WORRIED! 

Give it a break!  Encourage them to try things, NOT like them, and move on. Or like them and make it a life’s hobby or even a career!  I’ve never had any desire to be a hairdresser – but I’m fascinated by what they do and how they do it!

Be very clear – what you like now may change TOMORROW!  Career statistics now tell us that the average person may have EIGHT DIFFERENT careers, not just jobs, in their lifetime.

Encourage your teens to explore, find out, exceed or ignore their friend’s attempts to influence them away or even toward something.  

Oh, one more thing: don’t always make it an intellectual exercise [that’s my weakness].  If they didn’t like it! Fine – walk away, life goes on!  No reflection or discussion needed!!

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