Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Two of the most powerful elements of success for your teenager are time management and visualizing success.  Below are links for those two learning modules from Launch-Your-Life, teen success coaching - No strings, no charges, no shipping and handling.

We’re here for one reason only: to assist you in strengthening your teen’s success.  It’s our only purpose.

When you can SEE it, it’s far more motivating!!

Monday, May 20, 2019


My doctor told me I should ice-pack my knees every night, to lessen the pain. I asked “every night?,” to which he replied “do you use them every day?” [obviously, YES!]

Almost the same thing goes on with your teenager: unless they’re perfect [ 😁], your teen ‘needs’ continuing development EVERY DAY.

Does it get boring for them [or you!]? Yes – but it’s a lot like self-discipline – if you let it slip, you’ll soon be lethargic and uncomfortable, etc.

Whether it’s attitude, academics, self-motivation, whatever it is RIGHT NOW that needs to strengthen – strive to NOTICE, encourage, and support their “mini-advances” each day.

Make it positive! Research shows that a negative comment has SIX TIMES the impact as a positive one. If you critique or criticize, they’ll carry that thought into the day.

Don’t lecture or sermonize. We like the expression “MAKE it a great day!” That puts a slight onus of responsibility on them.

Probably don’t ‘remind’ them – that usually comes too close to lecturing or sermonizing.
You COULD remind them of their impending greatness! 

And try to VARY what you say – make it almost unpredictable – and it’ll have greater impact!

Go for it, you ole motivational speaker!!