Monday, April 29, 2019


As many extremely important lessons for teens as there are, here’s another great, daily question to build into your greatest teenager ever: each day, every day, value what he or she has done – then, ask them to set a new, improved goal.

Could be homework [classes], sports, their room, family cooperation [boy, that’s a glorious one, isn’t it?] - whatever your/ his/ her focus could or should be. 
(1) First, acknowledge and compliment what they did recently; 
(2) ask them, if they had it to do over, how they would do it differently or better. [as needed, help them, gently]

Often, you will hear – “nothing, it was fine.”  But remember – like a long-ago Italian stonemason, you’re building a great cathedral – your teen… And chipping away the rough edges takes time and patience. Inserting that question into their thinking may take time, but approached positively, supportively and regularly, it WILL happen. [believe me, I’ve been there – I was the stone].

Change is possible if not required!!  Enhance it!!

BTW, this question is a cousin to “what will you do today that you’ll be proud of?”

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