Friday, April 5, 2019

Attitude is EVERYTHING - - - ?!

That expression is often trite and shallow – but absolutely true. Any athlete, any coach will tell you that it directly CONTROLS performance, having SEEN what a positive or negative attitude can do.
Like so many learnings, it’s usually one of these that people agree with – and then NEVER LIVE!!!
It’s demonstrated in the expression “Fake it ‘til you make it”
Fake it ‘til you make it as almost an Affirmation - a way to re-write the script in our minds.  Often, people miss the point that an affirmation is in the PRESENT tense, not the future. You’re influencing your unconscious mind to live it, as if it already was there.

Key point: how many times has your teen gone to bed last night horribly grumpy or angry – and comes to breakfast happy and upbeat, as if nothing happened!  And in their mind, it probably didn’t!  I had a late mother-in-law, whom I loved, who taught me that you can be angry at someone and still love them [huge revelation to me back then].

Also, if you are positive and upbeat at that following morning, BE ASSURED it will have a positive impact on them!!!!!

It can be a struggle, for sure – but AFFIRM your love and support by and through your attitude, even when your teen is about as a lovable as hugging a cactus!

Of course, this applies to most all situations – simply use your best judgement.


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