Saturday, February 2, 2019

P6 - - - Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

There’s an old saying 

– P6 - Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

And of course – that equally applies to Parenting!!

People are predictable – as is your teen.  And the challenges teens present to their parents have been around for centuries – sometimes “clothed” differently – but the same ones.  Even Jesus wise-mouthed off to his mother!

So which ones will you prepare for?  I once taught a communications class in which I said “there are about three answers to just about any question you might ask.  Which one would you prepare for?”  [to me the answer was obvious: ALL of them!]  I actually had an engineer in the class who was trying to calculate which one to prepare for!!

The point?  Take the time to read about the usual and typical teen challenges  – especially on these posts:
·        foresee the problems,
·        plan your reply in advance. 
·        BETTER YET – why not prepare Preventatively?!!

One more thing: if what you’re doing isn’t working – DON’T KEEP DOING IT!  Find a different approach or strategy.  And – no fair trading in your teen for a different model!

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