Thursday, January 31, 2019

GOOD NEWS and BAD NEWS!? [Success, Happiness]

I saw many very good, insightful replies to my recent SUCCESS/HAPPINESS question!

Having studied and questioned this for many years, here’s the inside insight:

Success and happiness are NOT the same thing! However, be assured – they are inextricably intertwined!!

Here’s how: happiness is NOT sitting around, doing nothing or wallowing in the fruits of your labors.
But success leads to happiness, i.e., self-satisfaction, feeling of accomplishment, pride of performance, etc. – and BUILDS self-image… And self-image defines OR limits all human performance.

Success ‘breeds’ happiness – and non-success breeds UNhappiness.

Strive to find something today your teen does – of value – and compliment them and that action. No need to get overly effusive or flowery – just an [almost] non-emotional comment.

That compliment – even if they [temporarily] “don’t like you” will still have positive impact and strengthen their success journey!😊

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