Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Mister Rogers LIED!?

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!” was the intro Mr. (Fred) Rogers [on Public Broadcasting] always used.  He lied!!  It’s actually true when you’re 4, 5, 6 years old, but by the time we get to 12 years old and beyond, life begins to present challenges, problems, crises!  

Your teen WILL Face CRISES!?
Are you prepared?  Are they prepared?
Every teen faces crises –
·        what they think of themselves,
·        what their peers think of them,
·        what to wear today,
·        what to say today,
·        what to do when they’re offered drugs or other ‘bad choices’
·        whether they prioritize and plan – time for homework,
·        ‘wrenching’ themselves away from a video game or Snapchat/ Twitter, etc.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew and had strategies to deal with your teen BEFORE they were forced to face them?
And what about:
·        forgotten homework,
·        poor study habits,
·        disrespect,
·        weak and poor motivation,
·        lack of focus,
·        poor self-discipline,
·        UNDER-performing vs. their real potential?

Launch-Your-Life is a teen success coaching program which can provide the decision-making skills for all these issues.

And if you choose to enroll your teen, that’s great!  BUT FOR NOW, our staff can also provide YOU strategies and approaches FOR YOU to guide your teen or young adult in facing these INEVITABLE crises.

Please reply here – let us know which area(s) are most challenging RIGHT NOW – and we will address them with next week’s post!