Thursday, March 22, 2018

Committed to Average!? How Dare You!!??

I GUARANTEE that your teen is easily capable of improving their gpa by 10 points!  GUARANTEE it!!  As a former school psychologist and special ed director, I’ve seen, known and worked with kids – a lot like yours.  I’ve never met your son or daughter – but I stand by those words. 

Did you know that 86% of people are committed to being average? It’s true!  Those figures are derived from the numbers of people who QUIT on their goals, as well as job performance and salary increments NOT earned. 

From one angle, that’s to be expected – 90-95% of what we do is habit, coupled with that other strangling, restricting, paralyzing human tendency to RATIONALIZE – to explain away why we didn’t do what we said we would.  But the worst part? 

In very large measure, our kids will achieve very close to the level we did - that same AVERAGE level!!

NO ONE WANTS TO BE AVERAGE – but most people are.  Know why?  They set goals, fail after the first or second obstacle, lose motivation or faith in themselves – and go back to “sit on the bench.”  Recall all the empty explanations you’ve heard around people giving up on setting New Years’ resolutions.

If you could find a way or system or approach to EASILY overcome AVERAGENESS, would you use it?  Or allow it to motivate and re-motivate your teen – daily, gently, tactfully, supportively?

Our approach WORKS, based on 35-plus years of coaching success and 150 years of advisory board input at Launch-Your-Life!

The approach is:
  1. Dreams – brainstorm, set them, the filter down to:
  2. Goals – 1, 2 or 3, for now
  3. A plan – long-term, monthly, daily, weekly [5-8 minutes/day]
  4. Implementation, follow-up – NEED a 3rd party, such as parent or coach.

It sounds simple – and it is – yet 86% of people – teens or their parents – will drop the ball – for the exact reasons listed above.  In the last 25 years, one of the fastest growing professions is business coaching.  Know why?  Because it helps people with lofty aspirations but who succumb to those human foibles… - to move dramatically toward their beautiful, big goals.  We adapted what we’d learned and known from working with many, many clients across the US and Europe – to teen success.  And after 5-plus years, it WORKS! 

Investing just 8 minutes a day in our process and program can elevate your student’s grade point average and life success by at least 10%!

If you’d like to discuss and learn more about our process – YES, you can borrow it – and easily accelerate your student’s performance, happiness and reduced stress – please email us at for a free, no commitment consult to identify and advance yours and your teen’s goals and dreams.

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