Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Is Your teenager lagging behind in school (or life?)

EVERY teen has problems!  [you probably knew that!]

Some of those problems will just go away, while some continue and grow.  If you’d like to discuss your teenager’s issues or challenges or problems, call Launch-Your-Life [(518) 475-1538 or CoachSteve@Launch-Your-Life.com ].  Our team and advisory board has been in this field for a cumulative total of 150 years – WE CAN HELP.  The biggest issue is getting past the expectation that ‘it’ll just go away.’ Often times, no coaching is needed, just a little parental encouragement.  But sometimes, it WON’T! And too often, it’s been festering for a long time.  Sometimes, with a little well-directed coaching, your teenager will far exceed even what THEY thought they could do!  We’re in the happiness business – theirs and yours!  Call us!!
Typical and common teen problems:
  • Frequently, easily distracted
  • Doesn’t care
  • Rebellious
  • Getting into Drugs and/or Alcohol and/or Sex
  • Behaviors and reactions are Unpredictable
  • Poor decision-making
  • Loss of focus - academics/school
  • Little or no desire FOR ANYTHING
 Call or email: (518) 475-1538 or  CoachSteve@Launch-Your-Life.com