Thursday, May 25, 2017

TEENAGE DRUG ADDICTION Notes from May 13, 2017 WNYT-TV Interview with Dan Bazile

 We have BAD news and Good news - - -
First, THE BAD
·         As we hear almost daily, there’s an ever-increasing number of teenage drug addiction cases, deaths, etc.
·         Addiction SUCCESS is VERY LOW –
·         90% (!!!) of drug rehab clients FAIL or FALL BACK
·         Success rate is approximately 10% - nationally!
·         The HUGE cost is not just $$$$ – it’s HUGE and long-term
·         Stress, family strife, aggravation and worry for the family as well as the teen
·         The effects are ALWAYS long-term – for life!!
·         Parents – it’s time to pay attention
·         Stop telling yourself – “maybe others, but not my kid”
·         PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pay attention
·         Please go to this link for signs and indicators:  

But there’s GOOD NEWS!!
A positive and preventative strategy!
This is the process we use at - you can use it too:

Coach Steve’s Success Tips of the Week
[follow these in sequence]
1.     Brainstorm Dreams
2.     Select 1 or 2 as Goals
3.     Work toward them DAILY
4.     Learn from setbacks
5.     Be Persistent– DON’T GIVE UP
And if the goal changes, THAT’S OK! [it’s the goal-pursuit PROCESS that’s the power]

And we are available to speak to parents and other groups – on this and other teenage success-related topics. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

PREVENTING Teenage Drug Addiction

Addressing, PREVENTING teenage drug addiction - News Challenge 13, WNYT-TV.  PLEASE WATCH – IMPORTANT INFORMATION for parents of teens.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Teenage Drug Addicion and Recovery

Tomorrow morning, May 13, at 8:15am, we will be discussing teenage drug addiction and recovery on News Challenge 13, WNYT-TV.  Please watch or record it – important information for parents of teens.