Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Teenager With Unused Potential…??

1.      The future is NOT rosy for an increasing number of college students (maybe even one you know).  Reports show that more and more have poor self-management skills – self-discipline, self-motivation, goal-setting, emotional intelligence, time management, etc.
2.      A teenager’s college and life success is based far less on academic grades and learning and even family background than most people expect.
3.      THERE IS A SOLUTION: Launch-Your-Life (LYL) is a one-on-one success coaching program, delivered by text message, email, Skype and phone [geography is not an issue]
4.      Every LYL participant WILL GAIN!  Poor, average or excellent, participants WILL accelerate and strengthen their achievements.
5.      The LYL process, leads students to THEIR OWN self-motivated focus on academic success.
6.      The LYL process is designed to be enjoyable and rewarding. Students become happier, more fulfilled, more confident. 
7.      LYL works for those who work it.  As participants start to see SUCCESS, they want MORE.
8.      Cost is minimal especially compared to costs of college, sports camps, music lessons, karate, etc.  [and college costs will be maximized with their improved performance.]
9.      Daily time commitment is only 8 minutes!



Wednesday, June 8, 2016

That’s GREAT!!

That’s GREAT!!
That’s our motto,
That’s our process,
That’s our goal!
We all know that positive reinforcement – a compliment about something specific – is the most powerful means of shaping and improving human performance.  But who do we compliment the least?  OURSELVES.  Same for our kids! [They compliment themselves least]. It’s a natural human tendency to critique ourselves – because we’re the only one(s) who can see inside our heads – and KNOW when we didn’t give it our full effort

So one of the premises we follow at Launch-Your-Life is to REVERSE those self-expectations.  A paradigm reversal such as that can be one of the most powerful learning and memory-cementing devices there is. Think about that: we remember MOST an experience that was LEAST expected. 

Using our model, almost no matter what a student did or does, we start by saying “That’s Great!”  And most of the time, the student’s reaction is “What?? Huh??” They simply weren’t expecting that response.

This accomplishes a couple things.  First – it gets their attention – because it was THE LAST thing they expected to hear.  So now we’ve got their attention - they’re listening.  It’s up to us to build on that.  Not like Pollyanna or Mary Poppins – but qualitatively.  We point out some positive aspect or element of what they did - AND THEN, we focus on building and strengthening their next several, sequential response(s) – which builds positive expectancy momentum, self-confidence, motivation, all building toward a big and successful FINISH/completion/fulfillment!